Gunzo×GRANTA collaboration

In Gunzo August 2010 issue:

In Goats’ Eyes is the Sky Blue?

by Natuso Kirino

(Published as online exclusive story on 08 July 2010)


by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

(First published in Granta 111: Going Back issue)


Gunzo×GRANTA Collaboration

In Gunzo October 2010 issue:

The Last Thing We Need

by Claire Vaye Watkins

(First published in Granta 111: Going Back issue)


Voices from Literature Symposium

In Gunzo January 2011 Issue:

We published part of the symposium held by The Nippon Foundation.

Other Voices, Other Rooms, Other Worlds:Stories We Live to Tell; Stories We Tell to Live

Panelists; Deborah Treisman (Fiction Editor, The New Yorker),John Freeman (Editor, Granta),John Siciliano (Senior Editor, Penguin USA, Viking/Penguin),James Gurbutt (Editor, Constable & Robinson UK, Corsair),Julian Loose (Publishing Director, Faber & Faber UK),Lexy Bloom (Senior Editor, Random House USA, Knopf/Pantheon/Vintage/Anchor),Mariko Okazaki (Deputy Cultural Editor, Yomiuri Shimbun)

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